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the terms & conditions set forth below govern the terms and conditions for the products or goods offered by the website users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of users under the law.

by registering and / or using the website, the user is deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all the contents in the terms & conditions. these terms & conditions are a form of agreement as outlined in a valid agreement. if the user does not agree to one, some, or all of the contents of the terms & conditions, then the user is not permitted to use the service at

  1. general requirements

    1. by using, shopping and registering yourself at, you agree to be bound and abide by the terms and conditions that apply.
    2. these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and we are not obliged to inform you.
    3. we make these terms and conditions for the common good, to protect the rights and obligations of each party, and are not intended to harm either party.
  2. product information

    1. by making an order transaction online at, we assume you understand the product information that you will buy.
    2. products available at according to the online catalog and product details. we strive to present data as accurately as possible without engineering so that you as the buyer are not disadvantaged.
    3. color differences in the photos / images of products that we display on can be caused by lighting factors and computer monitor settings / resolutions, and therefore cannot be used as a reference.
    4. product prices on this site are correct at the time of listing.
    5. the price listed is the price of the product alone, not including postage. shipping costs are calculated automatically (based on prices from third party services) according to the shipping address you provided at the time of the order transaction.
  3. reservations and cancellations

    1. you can place an order for the purpose of shipping to all areas served by the shipping service that we designate. to speed up the order process, please confirm to our customer service after you place an order.
    2. information about the product and how to shop at we assume you have learned it first.
    3. we update product information only on products that must be updated. however, if there is a technical error that causes the price, stock, or other information to be incorrect and you have already placed an order, we will inform you and give you the choice to continue to order the product or cancel it.
    4. we provide a payment deadline of 1x24 hours since you complete a purchase transaction. if you have not made payment after the deadline, then we can cancel your order.
    5. cancellation of the order you can do before payment. if you have made a payment, you cannot cancel the order. you are only allowed to exchange orders with other products according to the payment amount that you are paying. exchange orders will be processed through offline transactions. please contact our customer service via telephone or email.
  4. payment

    1. the currency used for payment is rupiah (rp).
    2. payment can be through a transfer to a bank account that we inform you.
    3. payment is considered to be paid off if the money we have received in accordance with the amount to be paid. immediately confirm to us through the payment confirmation feature available at
    4. delays in the process of interbank transfers are not our responsibility.
    5. negligence of account writing and other information or negligence of the bank when you make payment is not our responsibility.
  5. delivery

    1. your order will be sent immediately after payment is paid. we will inform you of the delivery status / receipt number via the "order-> view invoice" feature on if needed, we can inform the shipping receipt number via your email.
    2. your order will be sent to the address you provided during the order transaction.
    3. your mistake in giving the delivery address so that the package does not arrive or you do not receive is not our responsibility.
    4. delivery is carried out by the shipping service that we designate as we have shown when you make an order transaction. shipping costs borne by the buyer.
    5. the shipping time adjusts the shipping package that you chose during the order transaction. guaranteed delivery time is fully the responsibility of the shipping service. compensation for the delay and / or loss of goods is fully subject to the regulations of the shipping service.
    6. you can monitor the status of the shipment through the "tracking" service on the website and the call center of the expedition service provider. you can also ask for our help to find out the delivery status of your order.
    7. after the package you have received, immediately confirm with us via the "contact us" service or our contact information (tel / email) available at if you do not confirm receipt of goods after 7 (seven) days from the time limit for the estimated shipment to arrive at the destination, then we assume that you have received the shipment.
  6. product exchange

    1. we make sure your order has been re-checked according to the order data and we pack it well before we send. when receiving a shipment package, you must check the condition of the product.
    2. if the product you receive does not match the order data or there is a production defect, then the product can be exchanged for the same product for us.
    3. the cost of shipping / returning the product does not match the order or production defects to us borne by the buyer, while the cost of shipping the replacement product to you is borne by us.
    4. notification of receipt of products not according to order or production defects we serve no later than 7 (seven) days from the product you receive. if within the time limit there is no notification, then the product we send is considered to be in accordance with your order data and is not defective in production.
    5. we will send a replacement product to you as soon as we receive and verify a product return that does not match the order or production defect from you. include information about the product you sent back to us to make it easier for us to verify.
    6. if the replacement product stock is not available in the warehouse, we will send it after the product stock is available again. and if the replacement product stock has run out, you can exchange it for other products that have the same price (or equivalent) or you can request a refund according to the amount you have paid to us.
    7. products that you buy outside of cannot be returned / exchanged with us.
  7. refunds

    1. refunds only apply to the product you are exchanging and we cannot send you a replacement product again because the stock is out.
    2. refunds are made within 10 working days, starting from the date of the refund agreement.
    3. the amount of money returned is in accordance with the amount stated on the invoice for the product, plus the exchange / return shipping cost from you to us, while the cost of shipping the product from us to you is not refundable.
    4. refunds are made via a re-transfer to your account.
    5. we will provide confirmation to you in the form of an email that we have refunded.

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