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privacy policy


    thank you for choosing waterplus +!

    we take customer privacy seriously and we will only collect and use your personal information as described below.

    data protection is a matter that concerns your trust and privacy is very important to us. therefore, we will only use your name and other information related to you in accordance with this privacy policy. we will only collect information that is important to us and we will only collect information needed to do business with you.

    we will only retain your information for as long as it is needed and required by law or as long as the information relates to the purposes that were in place when the information was collected. you can visit this website and look around without having to leave personal information. when you visit this website, you have an anonymous status that we will not be able to identify unless you log in using your user name and password.

  1. about this policy

    the existence of this privacy policy is a real commitment from to respect and protect any personal information of users of this site. this policy becomes a reference that regulates and protects the use of important data and information of users of this online store site, which has been collected when registering, accessing and using this service, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, photos, images, etc.

    our privacy policy:

    • all personal information that you provide to will only be used and protected by any information you provide is limited to the purpose of the process relating to and without other purposes.
    • we may change this privacy policy from time to time by making reductions or adding provisions to this page. you are encouraged to read this privacy policy periodically to be aware of the latest changes.
    • we are very concerned about the security and privacy of our customers, and we will only collect your personal information which we only need for our internal purposes. data protection and customer information is a privacy that we must take full care of to maintain your trust in us.
    • we will only use your data and information as stated in the following privacy policy. we will only collect and use information related to our transactions with you.
    • is not responsible for the exchange of data that is carried out among users of the site.
    • we will only store your privacy information as long as we are required by law or as long as the information is related to the original purpose of collecting the information.
  2. what information we collect

    • we will not trade customer personal information collected online to third parties.
    • personal information collected online will be shared within the company only for our internal purposes, when you create an account on our website, the personal information we collect includes:
      1. name
      2. electronic mail / email address
      3. telephone and or other contacts
      4. shipping address
      5. account number
    • the information that we will collect from you will be used for things like:
      1. send the product that you have purchased on our web
      2. inform you about the shipping of goods and assistance by our service cutomer
      3. provide relevant product information to you
      4. process your order and provide services and information offered through our site and at your request
      5. confirm payment from you and or refund the payment
  3. when we collect your information

    data will be collected when you register, access and use our services, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, photos, images, etc.

  4. how we use your information

    • we will use the information you provide to verify and carry out financial transactions related to online payments that you have made, identify visitors on our site, carry out demographic research of our users, send information, send information that we consider important to you or information that is important to you you have requested from us, such as information about our products and services, if you have stated that you have no objection to receiving such informatio
    • we can only provide your name and address to third parties for the purpose of shipping the product to you, namely to the courier / expedition for shipping your order.
    • payments that you make through the site will be processed by us directly. you may only provide payment information to us for information that is accurate and not misleading and you must provide information and the latest changes to us.
    • we will save your order details and we can access them directly. you can also access this information by logging into the website account. there you can see details of orders that have been placed, orders that are still open and orders that are being processed and register the address details. you must treat this access to personal data confidentially and not give it to unauthorized third parties. we are not responsible for misuse of passwords unless this abuse is our fault.
  5. changes to privacy policy

    we have the right to change and change the privacy statement at any time without notifying you in advance. you are encouraged to read this privacy policy periodically to be aware of the latest changes.

  6. complaints of invasion of privacy

    if you are not satisfied with how we handle your complaint or complaint, do not hesitate to contact us at

  7. waterplus+ rights

    you understand and agree that waterplus + has the right to disclose your personal information to any law, regulation, government, tax, law enforcement or government or related rights owner, if waterplus + has reasonable reasons that can be trusted that the disclosure of your personal information is required for any obligation, as a requirement or arrangement, either voluntary or mandatory as a result of an order, inspection and or request from related parties. to the extent permitted by applicable law, in this case you agree not to make any demands on waterplus + to disclose your personal information.

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